* Blood Means Nothing 4x Nominations at Prince of Prestige Academy Awards*




Clever Little Films (UK) aka Dawn Buckland & Mark Oxtoby is a wife & husband, Award-Winning screenwriting and filmmaking team. Creating and sharing brilliant short stories through film, whilst providing a platform for Actors, Crew and Creatives to share their amazing work is what it's all about!

Between them they have over 60 years experience in the entertainment industry (we know they don't look old enough!) and their film work (to date) has won well over 40 Indie Film Awards and Nominations Including: Best Indie Filmmaker, Award of Excellence, Best Indie Film, Best Director, Best Producer, Best Short Screenplay, Best Dialogue, Excellence in Screenwriting, Best Original Idea and Best Concept. (See FILMS section of website for more).

With long and varied performing careers in Theatre, TV and Film, they set up Clever Little Films (UK) in 2018 as a way of furthering their writing and production work. 

Here's a sample of some of the reviews Clever Little Films (UK) have received....

'The movie’s strength lies firmly in the believability of its characters and their actions. This is the result of very well-written characters, a near-perfect script and some damn fine acting to boot.'  'The film’s greatest asset is the efficiency of its writing: the script, characters and screenplay have all been produced to a high-standard and showcase the talents of writing duo, Dawn Buckland and Mark Oxtoby. Indeed, Buckland and Oxtoby should be fully commended for writing both a narrative and characters which remain firmly grounded in reality.'  


'Unlike other short films, ‘Blood Means Nothing’ offers the taste of a mainstream cinema.' 'Camera and Editing  by Clever Little Films(UK) is impeccable. ' 


In fact most the recent feedabck that has come back about 'My Week with Maisy' is from Slamdance Film Festival and reads:

'The characters have distinct voices and I really appreciate the detail that this writer has used to color the dialogue— i.e. the scratchy wig is described as being made from “the hair of 1,000 dead Barbie dolls!” I felt I knew exactly what kind of guy Maisy’s dad was from the little tidbits that she told Mrs. Foster — which is really impressive, particularly for an off screen character. This piece is funny, heartwarming and bittersweet. ' 

We make short films....we love short films, but we are always happy to work with you regarding turning any of our projects into a Feature Film. Please go to the CONTACT section of this website in the first instance.

In 2019 we will be moving forward with production on the Multi-Award-Winning comedy/drama screenplay 'My Week with Maisy' which is due to shoot in October. We have secured part of our budget  and have nearly completed crowdfunding for the remainder.

Correct as at April 2019.                               Mark Oxtoby T/A Clever Little Films (UK)